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WEB :- The simplest and easiest way to send bulk text messages (SMSs)! All you need to do is select the recipient or group, type the message and it will be sent immediately.

This service brand, offers a web based service, so you do not need in-house IT and wireless expertise. All you need is access to the Internet. Your unique username and password entered on the Online SMS website, gives you access to your account, anytime, anywhere. Once logged in a simple menu structure allows you to create and manage your own groups of mobile numbers giving complete flexibility and manageability.

This web-based platform can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. No software or hardware installation is required and multiple users are supported.


Web-to-SMS is a ready-made application which can be accessed from anywhere and can be used to communicate with one, few or thousands of recipients simultaneously.

It does not require any special computer skill and provides extensive functionality in a simple & user-friendly manner.

The Web-SMS Features

In addition to all of our core messaging features, SMSW also provides:

  • Default settings to simplify messaging.
  • Templates to save frequently sent messages.
  • Dynamic data to personalise messages.

Using the SMSW

Web-to-SMS uses a simple 3-step process to guide you through your message broadcasts:

  1. Upload recipient data (or use a previously saved file).
  2. Provide the message values (using your data to personalise the messages).
  3. Confirm the broadcast.

PROMOTE :- Promotional campaigns use mobile as a participation mechanism, rewarding consumers with valuable offers in exchange for their participation. The key here is to make the offer engaging and exclusive to mobile. Consumers opt-in to receive news of new products, discounts and any other item they wish.

These solutions build brand loyalty by creating additional value for the customers, and a lower cost to deliver offerings.Ultimately, promotional campaigns are designed to enable brands to acquire new customers, promote new products and services, and engage consumers with the brand. Combining these promotions with other marketing vehicles can increase effectiveness. Instruct your customers to text a keyword or phrase to a number and they’ll immediately receive your promotion. Plus, the text can stay with them until they are in a position to act on it.

HTTP:- Connect your website or software application to our SMS Gateway, allowing you to send global SMS messages in minutes. SMSW offers simple connectivity to our SMS servers through a range of API interfaces including HTTP and SMPP.

SMPP :- SMSW supports connections via SMPP using the global SMPP 3.4 standard. Not only will you have the ability to deliver through our gateways via our SMPP Server, but you will also have the opportunity to get extensive message reports and more.

FTP :- This connection is well suited for one-off, high volume message dispatches. It's particularly useful for batch processing. All you do is upload to our FTP server, and your messages are sent within one minute.

UVOTE :- Let democracy reign! Give your customers the power to vote the next time you hold a beauty pageant, fitness contest or opinion poll. One easy text message means no data entry, no double votes and instant results. Display results or hold onto them until the end of the event. Who knew it could be this easy?