We at SMS Communications give you the power to track and monitor your vehicle from our very sophisticated web based GSM/GPRS GPS SMS tracking service.

We offer GPS Security over web browser, smart phone, SMS, Skype and even from land line. Whether you own a fleet or just your personal vehicle no other tracking system puts such power in your hands.

SMSTK is a real time, low-cost, web based vehicle tracking solution. It provides continuous information on stop times and locations, routes taken, speed and exceptions direct to your desktop accessible anywhere in the world using a web interface.

The system uses popular wireless carriers, determined by your geographical service area, providing you with the best solution for your location.

The system also provides bi-directional text messaging, vehicle status updates, vehicle sensor reports, speed exceptions, stops and starts to name a few.

SMSTK system for Fleet Management is friendly and easy-to-use system, which has unique advantages.

Online tracking 24/7 unlimited.

Real-time or interval based tracking through GPRS/SMS.

You can have the below monitoring sent automatically to your mobile phone:

  • Schedule updates
  • Exception reporting
  • Report by distance
  • Report by speed

The system is able to send to your mobile phone any violations occurred by the vehicle (including high speed, driving out or entering an unauthorized zone, over heat, and more) or any other alert (accident, emergency, etc.). The SMSTK System allows the user to define the text content format as well as the required alerts, mobile phone numbers, and passwords  all in one simple and friendly web application.